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The Benefits of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

The job market is competitive, and attracting the best talent can be challenging. Your recruitment strategy is the best place to start when considering how you can increase the quality of your candidates.

A pre-recorded video interview can help you identify the best candidates with relevant information and a flexible process with reduced hiring costs. Some of the main benefits of this include:

Reduced costs and no scheduling issues

Interviewing can be time-consuming and challenging to work into the interviewer and the candidate’s schedule, especially if they are already employed. Our Adelaide recruitment agencies can pre-record video interviews, which allows candidates to answer your questions comfortably and in their own time.

Improved and standardised screening

Pre-recorded video interviews allow for more insight into the candidates, and if you use a structured interview guide, you can assess various people equally, allowing for data-driven decisions as you compare responses.

Improve collaboration for your recruitment process

Collaboration within your recruitment department is easier with a video interview as all team members can be involved in the process at their convenience. The HR department can view, rank and comment on video recordings for a more transparent and collective decision-making process.

Consider adding the pre-recorded video function to your interview process today.