Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Humanology different?

Our fit-first approach. Clients value our psychometric testing and video interviews because it means we only put people in front of them who have the right outlook and temperament to succeed in the role. This is great for candidates too, because it means when they’re offered an interview, they can be more relaxed and know they are more likely to walk away with the job.

So how do you work out if the ‘fit’ is right?

We’re glad you asked. We place a really high focus on our initial discovery session with clients so we can understand:

  • exact requirements of the role, including the skills and experience you need
  • what will make the person successful in the role, including attitude and personality characteristics
  • your team and organisation’s culture
  • characteristics of the people your new recruit will be working with

We then use technology in our recruitment process including video as well as our deep understanding of the science of humans to find the right person for you.

This sounds amazing, how much does it cost?

We charge a flat $5700+GST fee for each position regardless of salary and whether they are full time, part time or contract. We’ll even throw in one free ad on a paid job board but if you want more, you will need to pay for them.

Can I view all the CVs of people who apply?

Sure, if you want to and want to spare the time. But you can also leave it to us to review them all and come up with a shortlist for you. We have an expert local team who can do this very efficiently for you.

Can I watch all of the video interviews?

Absolutely. But you can also leave it to us to review them all and come up with a shortlist for you. Each video interview is between 3-5 minutes and we have an expert local team who can do this very efficiently for you.

How many applicants will I meet for face to face interview?

Well, that’s up to you. We aim for 2 to 4 candidates.

Will Humanology attend the face to face interview?

Attending face to face to face interviews isn’t part of our flat-fee service package. Instead we give you strong interview questions and advice on interviewing techniques to help you run successful interviews on your own. However, if you would prefer someone from our team to be with you, just ask and we can let you know how it would work.

Can I choose my favourite psychometric assessment?

No. The assessment we use is embedded into our platform and will provide all the information we need to put forward a strong shortlist of candidates for you to meet. You are welcome to conduct additional assessments however this will be at your cost.

How do you reference check?

We use an online reference checking system and provide references for up to 2 candidates.  Additional referencing checking can be negotiated. Telephone reference checks aren’t part of our standard service but if you really feel the need for this, talk to us.

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