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The Benefits of Online Reference Checking Explained

Reference checking is a vital part of the recruitment process as it is the primary way to confirm a candidate’s capabilities and the various things they have stated during the interview process. It is also one of a recruiter’s most hated tasks as it is time-consuming and sometimes inconsistent. Online reference checking simplifies this process in all industries and, unlike phone-based references, is much easier to manage and far more predictable.

The main benefits of using an online platform for reference checking as opposed to the phone-based manual process are:

  • Mobile-friendly – The online process enables you to request references on the move, with references able to respond when best suits them.
  • Regular updates – The actual progress of the process is much clearer for both the employer and the candidate due to regular updates and a clear understanding of the reasons for any delays.
  • Tailored – There is no need to use the same template for every hire; an online process allows you to tailor the questions to suit the role and candidate for more accurate feedback from reference checks.


An online platform ensures fairness across every reference check avoiding any chance of candidate discrimination and ensuring all compliance needs are met.