Talent Assessment & Selection

How do we source the best candidates to ensure your recruitment journey is a success? Our unique talent assessment and selection approach! Our recruitment service is different to most others, and heres why:


The technology we use allows us to assess how the candidates match against your requirements extremely quickly, which means that our recruitment times are much shorter than you would be used to.


We post to SEEK, over 20 free job boards, social media channels, and more! We cast the net far and wide to attract as many candidates as possible, no matter where they look. We also have access to SEEK's premium talent database; a tool a lot of other recruiters don't have!

We also recognise that in some instances, advertising in print media is an opportunity to gain brand exposure. If you would like to undertake print advertising, or online advertising on other platforms, we can facilitate this, and it will just be charged to you at cost.


We psychometrically assess all applicants so we can assess skills, experience and personality attributes and provide you with advice on which candidates can do the role and which ones also fit to your requirements.

Video interviewing

Our video interviewing functionality allows an extra opportunity to assess candidates before deciding to meet them. This means that when you get to the face-to-face interview you are only meeting people who are likely to be exactly what you are looking for.


Enjoy a fully transparent, 100% online experience with access to our online application portal. This access allows you to view all applications you've received for a role anytime, anywhere. You’re not just limited to resumes of shortlisted candidates.


Our recruitment service provides you with a shortlist of people who have been rigorously assessed as being a strong match to your requirements. Usually we do not attend face-to-face interviews but offer support for you to run the interview process independently.

However, we understand that in some cases our clients would like an independent view and so we can attend interviews if required at a cost of $200+gst per candidate plus travel expenses.

Our Guarantee

We are relentless in our pursuit of outstanding candidates and are confident of finding the very best person for your organisation. As a guarantee of our commitment, we are pleased to offer a free replacement for any appointment who leaves for any reason within 3 months of the commencement date where the invoice has been paid within the 14-day payment terms.

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