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Our goal is to match the right person to the perfect job faster than usual.

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With Humanology, Find Your Perfect Job or Team Member ASAP!

Humanology is not your regular job agency. We take the standard recruitment experience and flip it on its head. Our goal is to match the right person to the perfect job, faster.

How do we do this? With the science of people! We have become Adelaide's premier employment agency by better understanding the people searching for a role. Our team specialise in creating better matches and saving organisations and job seekers a lot of time and effort when looking for the perfect fit.

Read on to learn more about how the leading recruitment agency in Adelaide find the top talent, and how you can benefit from the Humanology experience today.

Why use Humanology Recruitment
(or any recruitment agency)?

You may know that the fundamental purpose of a recruitment agency is to find the right fit for specific roles. This helps individuals with with their job search strategy gain a potential career step-up and want to advance their career, and companies to fill their open positions with qualified workers .

However, if you're looking for staff, there are plenty of other benefits that come with a recruitment agency, especially with one as unique as Humanology:

Faster hiring

The Humanology process shortens the time it takes to fill open positions. For a business owner, we'll find quality candidates faster than you can, thanks to our clever candidate attraction strategies and pre-existing talent pool. Our online application portal makes applying for roles more streamlined, with progress updates regularly communicated with our candidates so they know exactly where they stand!

Bringing clients and canditates together

Everyone saves time when only high-quality candidates are in the running for suitable roles. Our online portal allows us to effectively shortlist candidates ensuring you’ll be presented with those who not only have the skillset required to perform the role but are a great cultural fit too!

Creating jobs in Adelaide

Not only are we able to find employment and fill positions Australia wide as a recognised national recruitment agency, but our services are specialised in filling local job roles in South Australia. From Adelaide Hills, to the Barossa Valley, Northern suburbs and Southern Beaches, we know Adelaide and we know Adelaide jobs. That's what give us the South Australian recruitment job agency advantage.

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Specialist knowledge of the market

We have conversations with both clients and candidates all day every day, which continually builds our relevant knowledge of a range of sectors. This means we can provide valuable insights and sage advice on things like:

  • Salary rates
  • Available skill sets
  • Career expectations
  • Hiring complexities
  • Market trends
  • And more

Extended reach

The best candidates for your position aren't always actively looking for a new job. As a result, we have access to a range of passive talent that you might otherwise never have found.

Our tried and tested client process

Our expert team is continually fine-tuning our client process to ensure the simplest and most effective recruitment experience available. The Humanology Recruitment team knows that the perfect job and perfect person are always out there; it's just about linking them up!

To ensure we create this link, our experts focus on the science of people to help uncover the fit that isn’t always as obvious on paper. Go beyond the resume with our fast and effective client process, which is as follows:

  • 1. The initial chat

    Understanding the science behind the people requires getting to know the people first! This is why our first step is a chat with you to understand exactly who you are or whom you need.

  • 2. Casting a wide net

    The job vacancy goes far and wide to catch the eyes of as many interested people as possible.

  • 3. Creating a shortlist

    Whatever the wide net catches is whittled down to hone in on applicants with the right skills, experience, and eligibility.

  • 4. Testing for fit

    Psychometric testing is used to rule out those who aren't quite right for the role, making the shortlist even shorter.

  • 5. The video application

    Those who are still in the running for the role are asked to record a video that answers some specifically selected questions that are critical to your role.

  • 6. The final selections

    You'll see the video interviews that we deem the best of the best to decide on the final shortlist that will then receive a face-to-face interview. Your new team member will likely be one of them!

  • 7. Checking references

    To make sure there are no surprises, we'll do one final run of questioning, along with the checking of references. We've designed this step specifically to ensure that the person we've all landed on is definitely the best fit.

  • 8. That's it!

    You now have a person who fits who can hit the ground running.

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Why choose Humanology?

With clever use of our psychometric and behavioural testing, we are able to uncover more information about our candidates which allows us to source the best fit for your role. This saves you time and money and ensures you are forming a team with longevity.

What makes our cost-effective service even greater? In the rare instance that the first placement doesn’t quite work out within three months, we’ll source a replacement free of charge!

Our team will keep you continually engaged throughout the process, and you'll have access to the shortlist along the way for complete peace of mind. We'll also guide you through the psych report, so you understand the method behind our choices.

You'll be guaranteed a strong shortlist of people who:

  • Have the right skills and experience to excel in your role
  • Are legally able to work for your industry
  • Are excited about your organisation and its success
  • Have the attributes, values and personality that will work in your team

Find the right fit with Humanology today

Whether you are a person looking for a new role, or a business looking for a new person, we can help. From process workers, forklift operators, contact centre workers, accounting and finance, executive employment, labour hire, temporary recruitment and more. Approach recruitment in a smarter way with the Humnanology process today, and help your business or or advance your career, backed by the right team.

Contact our experts to start the process today.

What Our Clients Say

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I was extremely happy with Alyce from Humanology. She explained she had been on leave and was not able to respond or give me updates on my application. I can recommend this agency for any positions coming up in your career.

Richard Rudnick
    

The level of service is unsurpassed. It is genuine, person centered, caring and first rate. As an employer looking for staff, Humanology works closely with me to understand what I am looking for and provide valuable industry knowledge of the candidate market and keep me informed regularly throughout the process. It was an easy decision to go with Humanology then when I was looking for work as a candidate myself. Their candidate care is streaks ahead of any other recruitment organisation I have experienced in my 20 years in HR. Humanology do more than recruitment and I have worked closely with the team on several leadership development programmes, training & development, electronic on-boarding and other HR solutions. I recommend Humanology as your go to organisation for all your HR needs .

Doug Hicks
    

I have been very fortunate to have worked with Mel and her wonderful team at Humanology Recruitment (special shout out to Alyce), as both a candidate and an employer over the last several years. Mel and her team really know their stuff!

Maria Stevens
    

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