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Why You Should Automate Your Recruitment Process

The expectations placed on HR teams always seem to continue to grow despite already being an overstretched and under-budgeted department in most companies. An easy way to relieve some of this workload is by thinking strategically about heavily transactional tasks like recruitment. This is especially pertinent for smaller organisations, where one person often handles recruitment.

Cloud-based and automated recruitment technology can improve your organisation’s process for talent acquisition with some key benefits, including

Improved hire quality

If your recruitment process (and software) is integrated with performance management and onboarding software, the quality of hire will be positively impacted, and you’ll save time on the more mundane recruitment tasks. You can focus on writing effective job descriptions and conducting in-depth interviews while automation handles the more data-driven tasks.

Improved time and cost to hire

Time wastage is a big problem when it comes to manual recruitment, and recruitment software can ensure you are getting the best talent into your business as quickly as possible. Automation helps employers and candidates by digitising tasks such as submitting CVs, boosting communication between individuals, and building trust between candidates and employers. It makes it easier to create talent pools, keep future candidates informed of company news, and reduce time to hire in the future.

Streamlined data collection

From names to contact details, resumes, and notes, automated recruitment solutions store all data in one place, making it easier to organise and access from wherever you are. Onboarding, payroll, learning, and performance management platforms can all be connected, sharing data for an overall improved process.